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New Trendy Range

The Trendy range consists of square, round and mini shortcrust canapés. The range also contains neutral shortcrust pastry, sweet shortcrust pastry and chocolate pastry. The canapé range now also includes an all butter and reduced sugar recipe, making the pastry tastier and crumblier whilst still holding its shape. The Trendy range has been altered to fit in with client demands with the creation of thinner and tastier pastry resulting in a higher filling to pastry ratio, allowing chefs more room for delicious fillings.

The chocolate flavour also adds an extra uniqueness to the range as not only is it visually appealing but it also adds an extra taste dimension to dessert and sweet canapés. The entire Trendy range includes sweet and neutral flavours which can enable eateries to create a wide variety of desert and savoury canapés.

Click here to see our NEW Trendy Range: http://www.pidyuk.com/products/trendy-range