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Spicy Cups

17 JULY 2015

Pidy have captured the unique aromas from around the world with Spicy Cups as they include various fragrant ingredients from chillies, aromatics and a mixture of ground spices. The Spicy Cups come in four flaming flavours, earthy African falafel, aromatic Asian curry, fiery Mexican chilli and pungent Southern pepper flavour. The Spicy Cups also come in four unique colours that correlate to the spice from a red canapé cup for the Southern Pepper flavour to a green canapé cup for the Asian Curry flavour.

The NPD team have researched a variety of ingredients from around the world that represent different tastes and levels of heat and spice. Spicy Cups are perfect for creating unusual and flavoursome canapés. These tantalisingly tasty Spicy Cups can be filled with a variety of fillings from seafood, vegetables to salsa, mint and sweet chilli sauces.

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