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18 JULY 2015

Pidy’s new revolutionary Tellines range forms the start of a new era in pastry to provide regular shapes which have a lighter appeal and provide a higher filling to pastry ratio allowing more room for delicious fillings. This short, crisp and delicately thin pastry is available in two varieties; sweet and neutral and come in a straight sided and fluted style. The sweet range comes in a 5cm fluted style and a 4.5cm, 6cm, 7cm and a 8.5cm straight sided case. The neutral range is available in a 5cm fluted style and a 4.5cm straight sided case.

Even with thinner pastry the new range still remains moisture resistant allowing caterers to prepare the canapés well in advance, perfect for any busy kitchen. Our team always look at various food trends and listen to customer feedback when it comes to developing our products or expanding our range. Improving the filling to pastry ratio of our products was one of the key changes our customers wanted to see which is why we created our Tellines range. 

Click here to see our NEW Tellines Range: http://www.pidyuk.com/products/tellines