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Pidy Gourmet Longo with raspberry cheese and advocat

  • 20 Pidy Gourmet Longo's
  • 150 gr mascarpone cheese
  • 150 gr whipped cream
  • 100 gr meringue (half sugar, half egg-white)
  • 150 gr raspberry coulis
  • 25 gr dessert gelatine
  • Put the Pidy Gourmet Longo's in a pre-heated oven (170 °C) for 6 min.
  • Let them cool off and cover the bottom with an advocat
  • Arrange a few raspberries over them
  • Make a raspberry cheese with the mascarpone, whipped cream, meringue, raspberry coulis and dessert gelatine
  • Spoon or pipe the raspberry cheese in the Pidy Gourmet Longo's
  • Allow to stiffen, serve with a raspberry coulis