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Fantasy of Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles with sushi rice and small prawn kebabs

  • 8 Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles
  • 100 g sushi rice
  • 250 g salmon fillet
  • 8 prawns (size 21/30)
  • wasabi
  • sushi soy sauce
  • glass noodle
  • Cook the sushi rice and make balls out of it to put in the Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles, the tops of which have been cut off
  • Put some raw salmon in the middle of the ball
  • Put the two Pidy Gourmet Profiteroles side by side and join them together using a bamboo skewer
  • Cook two prawns in a pan with flavoured wok oil
  • Then put them on a bamboo skewer as well and present them on an elongated plate
  • Place a pot of sushi soy sauce next to them and put some cooked glass noodles on the prawn tails
  • Add a small piece of raw salmon
  • Decorate the plate with chopsticks